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CVOR For Supervisors
Learn the complete step by step plan for passing your CVOR inspections and keeping your fleet on the road.
Front Line Management
Equip yourself with the right tools to become a better leader.
Councillor Training
Become a better informed trustee for your constituents by learning the basics and making sure that public funds are wisely spent.
Gravel Road School
Your roads reflect on you – it’s essential for supervisors to stay well informed in order to effectively do more with less.
Operator Supervisory Course
Our multi-tiered training program to fully equip supervisors with the best knowledge and tools to supervise their operators.
Rural Road Maintenance
There are many components to well constructed and long lasting roads – a full understanding of these at all levels allows for good allocation of resources.
Summer Patroller
Well trained staff will help you stay on top of your infrastructure maintenance and maintain compliance with local standards
Supervisor Due Diligence
Learn Supervisor Due Diligence from a veteran Ministry of Labour inspector so that you have all your ducks in a row.
Winter Maintenance School
Keep your knowledge fresh so you and your crew can fully attain standards for winter maintenance while efficiently using resources.


Airport Training
Many of our courses are available for airport operations, both airside and groundside.
All Terrain Utility Vehicle
Not ‘just a golf cart’, these vehicles can carry more risk than is immediately apparent.
Articulated Rock Truck
More complex than they appear, safety considerations are often underestimated.
Bucket Truck
A commonly used vehicle with many overlooked pitfalls, training is essential for safe operation.
Experience is not enough, trained skill is needed to give the work the finesse this machine is capable of.
Our complete course combining classroom and practical training will give operators skill in the entire range of this machine’s features.
An ubiquitous machine that is relatively simple to operate – but can be quite dangerous without proper training.
Front End Loader
Very adaptable to a wide variety of tasks with the right training.
This training is specific to the highly mobile version and its unique considerations.
Landfill Packer
One of our newest courses – it provides the necessary training for safe and efficient operation.
Landscape Loader
AKA a Farm Tractor, most are not fully knowledgeable on its many configurations and capabilities.
Motor Grader
Large and complex, good training is needed to be safe and efficient on this equipment.
Rigging and Lifting with Heavy Equipment
It’s vital that operators are aware of all the considerations for this task and keep in mind that proper procedure every time is key to preventing incidents.
Roadside Mower
Proper training provides an awareness for the special safety considerations which stem from operation in tricky areas.
Roll-Off Truck
Our comprehensive course touches on specific safety considerations as well as general operations.
Skid Steer
Often seen as small and bouncy, safety considerations are often underestimated due to their small size. Proper training will increase safety of operations.
Street Sweeper
This harbinger of spring has many hidden hazards, comprehensive training is essential to ensure safe and efficient operation.
Temporary/Seasonal Workers
One of the most neglected groups for thorough training, but it’s a solid investment for many reasons.
Tractor Loader Backhoe
Quite versatile with many attachment configurations – comprehensive training is essential to utilize its full capacity.


Supervisor Training
Equipment Training
Winter Training
Safety Training
Driver Training


Custom On-Site Training