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Driver Competency Evaluation

One of the best ways to maximize efficiency and lower the risk of accidents is to ensure your drivers out on the road are performing safely and effectively.  Assessing their competence and skill level is a crucial first step towards this.  Using a combination of pre-driving checks and on-the-road practical driving scenarios, Ground Force Training certified instructors thoroughly evaluate and document competency in specific categories, skills and sub-skills.

Driver competency evaluations are task, vehicle and location specific to ensure a comprehensive evaluation. This culminates in a detailed report incorporating recommendations for remedial action where necessary.

It is recommended that driver evaluations be completed:

  • as concern(s) arise (i.e. if there is a collision or obvious driver inadequacies);
  • with the hiring of new drivers to assess their skills; and/or
  • every 2-3 years with no driver concerns

What are the benefits?

  • Target ‘at risk’ drivers for training opportunities to remedy faulty habits
  • Reduce the accident rate/vehicle abuse due to faulty driving
  • Reduce fleet operating costs through improved maintenance and increased efficiency
  • Establish an employee’s progression plan to address promotion and/or employee turnover
  • Meet your ‘duty of care’ obligations under Occupational Health and Safety Act legislation