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Industrial Inspection Service

Are you afraid of an MOL Inspection? Experience the inspection and get written report without the fear!

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You are an Expert Supervisor, but when you think of a Ministry of Labour visit you want to run in the other direction!

With this service you can be prepared for a Ministry of Labour (MOL) inspection without the stress. A former Ministry inspector will conduct a proactive inspection of your workplace using the same approach and methods used by the MOL but with an action plan! Following completion of the MOL Inspection Experience Program, the client will receive a report which will detail the inspector’s findings and provide guidance where contraventions are identified.

Who Is This For?

Any workplace falling under Industrial Regulations (or those who don’t directly fall under Construction Regulations).

Any supervisors, management, operators or personnel belonging to an organization or municipality who is/are responsible for developing or maintaining safety protocols or expected to adhere to legislative requirements would benefit from this service.

What You Will Get From This…

Our proactive industrial inspection will help you:

During our inspection, our trainer (A former MOL inspector) will ask the same questions, conduct the same audit and behave as though they have the same authority as an Ontario Ministry of Labour inspector – with an added bonus: Employers, Supervisors and Employees on-site can ask about why specific questions were asked or why the inspection was taken in a certain direction, or anything else that will help them to better understand the process.


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