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Supervisor Due Diligence

The workplace is fraught with potential safety hazards and it is increasingly difficult to eliminate all of them.  However, through Due Diligence steps such as personally supervising your employees and  providing them with constant safety updates, refresher training & on-going sequential training you can reduce the risk of a workplace safety accident.  But, YOU must also be prepared to undertake regular refresher training and annual progression training; not doing so will leave you ill prepared for the ever changing rules and regulations associated with your workplace environment.

This course is presented by- Former Ministry of Labour Inspector and Trainer Michael Benedict

The course outline informs and introduces your supervisors to the following:

  • The real financial costs of safety
  • Internal Responsibility System from the inspector’s point of view
  • Employer Responsibilities under the OHSA
  • Supervisor Responsibilities under the OHSA
  • OHSA Fines and Penalties along with criminal code 217
  • Roles of the Ministry of Labour and Safety Partners
  • What is “Due Diligence” and how does a supervisor achieve it?
  • Health and Safety Program concept and methods
  • Progressive Discipline including in a union environment
  • Hazard Identification and Control Methods
  • Supervisor Note Taking
  • Powers of a MOL Inspector and how to interact with them