Rural Road Maintenance

A Road Is Not Just A Simple, Standalone Item – It  Must Be Looked At From Many Different Angles In Order To Ensure Its Longevity.

A road is not just a simple, standalone item.

It is comprised of a number of different components including signage, culverts, guardrails, etc.  Knowing all the pieces makes long term maintenance planning much easier, plus it allows you to demonstrate exactly where, and how much, specific funding is allocated.  This plan can also highlight specific weaknesses your operators may have with the operation of their equipment, thereby allowing for specific training to be scheduled.

The bottom line is a road must be looked at from many different angles in order to ensure its longevity.

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Who Is This For?

This course is for supervisors and administrators for Municipal governments. It is also suitable for supervisors and administrators of public utilities.

You’ll Learn…

Road Needs Assessment/Study

What are MMS?

Who performs inspections

Classes of road designations

What to do when a claim comes in

Pavement Preservation Strategy

Risk Management & Roadside Signage

Keeping good roads good

Don’t forget about the bad roads

Ditching & Shouldering

Using a level

Capital road rehabilitation program vs. utilizing municipal forces

Culvert & Bridge Maintenance

Roadside Mowing & Tree/Brush Removal