Trenching Safety

Learn how to avoid injury and damage to the equipment and public property.

Trenching Safety

The last thing anyone wants to have happen is to see a worker buried in a trench.  Just because it looks safe and sturdy does not always mean it is.  That is why all backhoe operators, as well as general labourers working with the operator, must be fully cognizant of all of the rules and regulations pertaining to trench safety.

Learn how to avoid the common mistakes like: spoil too close to the trench, not watching for unstable ground, not stepping down sides ,allowing personnel into unsupported excavations  and getting too close to underground utilities to avoided shoveling.

Consistent employee training helps to build good habits. If you don’t train your employees you let unsafe habits to be passed down from the older generation, and once new employees learn these bad habits it will be much harder to eradicate them.

Book your training session now to avoid injury and damage to the equipment and public property.  Trained employees should be actively thinking about safety and are  making the right decisions that contribute to perfect balance between safety and productivity.

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Upcoming Courses


May 13th, 2020

Join us for this LIVE Webinar Training Program and learn about trenching safety

Who Is This For?

Any person responsible for operating or supervising backhoe/excavators for trenching operations.

You’ll Learn…

  • Soil Types
  • Causes of Cave-Ins
  • Protection Against Cave-Ins
  • Other Hazards and Safeguards
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Excavation Safety
  • Shoring vs. Sloping

Hear From Past Attendees

“Excellent course delivery with practical, simplified material. The instructor used clear, understandable language and included great, real-life examples and situations.”

Josh Jongerden, City of Stratford

“Good coverage of materials and principals from a knowledgeable instructor who delivered the course effectively.”

Lucas Nicholson, Municipality of West Perth

“The instructor used language that was very easy to understand and was able to answer questions geared toward our level of experience. Thank you!”

Kevin Montgomery, City of Meadow Lake, SK

“The Trenching Safety presentation was very good. There was a lot of information and everything was explained well.”

Gordon Glen, Town of Goderich

“This course was taught well and the instructor was able to answer our questions. I learned about chain grades and what grade is appropriate for the weight of the load being lifted.”

John Davidson, County of Lambton

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