Training Available

Propane Handling

There is only one way to handle propane and that is with respect.  Thorough training teaches that aspect of fuel handling which should never be taken for granted.  All employees responsible for handling propane should have the opportunity to attend a propane handling course to learn firsthand the correct methods for storage, handling and emergency responses associated with this fuel.

Who Should Attend

Any supervisors and individuals who, as part of their day-to-day activities, work with propane-powered appliances.

Classroom Topics of Discussion

Ontario regulations under the Energy Act require that anyone who handles propane fuelled equipment must be the holder of a propane handling certificate. After completing this health and safety training session, participants will have acquired the safety knowledge of:

  • Legislative requirements
  • The characteristics of propane
  • How propane cylinders work
  • Propane handling and storage
  • Personal protective equipment requirements with respect to propane
  • Emergency response to propane related injuries

Documentation Provided

Certificate of Completion