Training Available

Confined Space Awareness

The words “confined space” make you think of prison cells, electrical vaults and possibly sewers.  But the definition includes so much more, and many situations have a heightened risk for workers.  This is why it is so important for all supervisors, as well as the workers, to be trained to know what these definitions are and what all is involved when working in a confined space.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who works around or may come in contact with a confined space. This is a Confined Space Awareness Course Only. To enter and work within a confined space requires additional specialized training prior to entering and working within a confined space.

Classroom Topics of Discussion

  • The legislative requirements (Government Regulations, CSA Standards and Manufacturers’ Guidelines and Principles);
  • The duties and responsibilities of workplace parties;
  • What is required to access a Permit and Non-Permit Entry into a confined space;
  • Hot Work Permits;
  • Lock-out/Tag-out procedures;
  • Proper use of air testing equipment to ensure accurate test results;
  • Self-rescue and non-entry rescue techniques.

Practical, Hands-on Activities

The following items must be available for the practical training:

  • Confined space entry permit
  • Confined space assessment forms
  • Confined space identification forms
  • Retrieval device (tripod, lifeline, etc.)
  • Gas/air monitor
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Applicable PPE for types of space(s) entered
  • Respirators (if applicable)

Documentation Provided

Certificate of Completion