Front End Loader

Comprehensive training program

Capable of lifting large quantities of material at once, Front End Loaders make fast work of truck loading, snow removal and work site clean-up. They are also articulated, allowing for operation in tight quarters. Most people do not realize their adaptability and capacity for performing a wide variety of operations.

In order to fully maximize this machine’s potential, it is essential that its operators undertake a comprehensive training program, one that includes both theoretical and practical components.

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Who Is This For?

This course is for any person responsible for operating a front end loader.

You’ll Learn…


  • Equipment Design & Function
  • Electrical System
  • Hydraulic System
  • Pre-Start Inspections
  • Equipment Warning Devices
  • Controls Review
  • Bucket Operation
  • Loading, Stockpiling, Ramping, Digging and Bulldozing Techniques
  • Power-Train
  • Stability and Centre of Gravity
  • Work Area Clean-up
  • Loader Accessories (i.e. plows)


  • Pre-Start Inspection
  • Controls Review
  • Maneuvering Around Obstacles
  • Bucket Operation
  • Loading Trucks

Hear From Past Attendees

“Very good course and the information was helpful. Regular training keeps us from our bad habits, especially when using the battery disconnect routinely.”

Mike McIntaggart, Town of Georgina

“It was a very good course and the instructor was not boring. Always good content from Ground Force Training.”

Brad Martin, City of Trail

“A great course delivered by a great instructor who was very knowledgeable and experienced. He used lots of real life practical examples from his service and history operating equipment.”

Daric Toews, Canadian Coast Guard

“The course was taught well. Everyone has many years of experience, so they tailored it to focus on different techniques and any bad habits that we may have picked up over the years. I also like the way we were taught how to be more efficient when loading trucks and how a few “small” or “basic” techniques can make us so much more efficient.”

James Burant, Township of Killaloe, Haggarty & Richards

“An excellent course — I learned things I didn’t know.”

Ken Floyd, City of Mississauga

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