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Pre-Trip Inspection

If you believe the only place for gambling is the casino, think again. The vast majority of drivers on the road today are gamblers, as illustrated by the number of people who fail to perform a proper pre-trip inspection on their vehicle before heading off to start their day.  A thorough pre-trip inspection should be standard practice. This ensures potential problems are rectified before hitting the road, as well as complying with legislation and safety standards. Proper pre-trip inspection procedure should be a crucial part of your employees’ training. This is 4 hour session begins with a short presentation in the classroom followed by a complete demo by the instructor. We recommmend a Max of 10 for the practical demo. If the group is larger the instructor will break into groups.

Classroom Topics of Discussion

  • The Concept of Due Diligence
  • Highway Traffic Act Regulations
  • Proper and Thorough Inspection Sequence

Practical, Hands-on Activities

Hands-on sequenced pre-trip inspection demonstration, performed by the instructor.

Documentation Provided

Student Handout, Test, Operator Training Summary, Certificate of Completion