Hours Of Service

Make Sure You Are in Compliance With All The Regulations

You’re A Great Driver, But Sometimes It’s Hard To Keep Up With All The Documentation

This course is suitable for drivers that work at  municipalities, public utilities, construction companies, local and long haul transport companies, etc.

The purpose is to properly educate drivers to better understand Hours of Service.

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Who Is This For?

This course is for drivers who operate CVOR vehicles and want to understand how to follow and record their hours of service.

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October 19th, 2021

You’ll Learn…

  •  Introduction

     Regulations Across Canada

     Responsibility of Operators and Drivers

  •  Application

    Who Must Comply?

  •  Which Regulation Must You Follow?

    Who is Exempt?

  • Duty Status Time

    Four Categories


  • The Rules

  • Rules for a Driver’s Day

  • Definition of a Day

  • Highway Traffic Act – when and why it was introduced
  • Employment Standards Act – rights and obligations
  • Provincial & Federal Labor Standards- understanding weekly limits, exceptional circumstances and exemptions.
  • Driving Time Maximum

  • On Duty Time Maximum

  • Off Duty Time Maximum

  • Shift Rules Driving Time On Duty Time Elapsed Time
  • Cycles Mandatory 24 Hours Off Duty in 14 Days Cycle Choice & Cycle Resetting Changing Cycles
  • Extensions Deferral of Off Duty Time Adverse Driving Conditions
  • Daily Logs/Time sheets Time Used Daily Log or Time sheets (160 km Rule) Daily Log Contents Time sheet Conditions Time sheet Contents
  • Record keeping – Integrity of records, driver responsibility and operator responsibility