Training Available

Custom Training

Customized training is an added value for your organization.

Your business is unique. Nobody else out there is working toward the same set of goals as you are or facing identical challenges. At Ground Force Training, we recognize – and applaud – your individuality.

Which is why we are ready, willing and able to make customized training programs to suit your needs. What’s more, we come to you. Or we can make arrangements for another location of your choosing, anywhere in the country! We can create custom videos and presentations that have your operational sop’s and vehicles in use.


  • We have been customizing our programs to meet organization’s particular requirements and realities since we began
  • Every customized training program is built around your stated goals.
  • Our expert team will work with a small group of your employees to provide relevant, timely content in line with their specific needs and your criteria.
  • We start with an initial meeting, to identify your training goals, and specific expectations. And you can rest assured that your input will be central to the process from beginning to end.
  • During this second step, we choose the people who will assemble your training program: the designers, experts and/or other specialists who will be working directly with your employees to bring your customized program to life. Based on your predefined objectives and your company’s profile, we will develop the structure and content of your program so that it fits your business and your employees like a glove.
  • The sessions can be held at your place of business, or at another place of your choosing, here or anywhere else on the planet. Simply select the option that is the most convenient for you. We will ensure that all of the necessary elements are in place to facilitate learning and show participants how to apply their newly acquired knowledge in the workplace.
  • We will go over results of your customized training sessions with you to adjust your program as needed, in keeping with your ever-changing organizational realities.
  • That means your program will be continuously updated and ready to be utilized or re-utilized by your next group.