Training Available

Snow & Ice Control Refresher

In the winter, one road can experience a multitude of driving conditions all at the same time. There could be whiteout conditions in one area, while another is clear but icy, and a third portion could be drifting over. It is vital that operators know what impact the weather has on their roads at all times.

Just because the sun is shining does not mean the salters/sanders should not be out.  And in today’s ecologically sensitive environment, how much salt and/or sand should be laid down is another key aspect that must be fully understood.  There are a whole host of topics associated with snow and ice control that must be fully understood in order to provide safe and efficient service.

SNIC is a group training program for operators outside of Ontario, designed as a “refresher” it is a one-day classroom course.

  • Health and Safety (Winter)
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Weather & Road Weather
  • Benefits of Pre-Season Preparation
  • Salt Smarts & Code of Practice
  • Truck Operation & Safety
  • Plow & Wing Mounting & Set-up
  • Wing operation
  • Pre-Trip Inspection
  • Plowing Techniques
  • Communications
Additional Vehicles to be discussed
  • Front End Loader Plow
  • Sidewalk Plow
  • Motor Grader plow



Operators from nearby municipalities will receive the one day classroom session. Upon completion clients will receive a copy of the exam results as well as certificate of completion.

Practical Training (Part 2 – OPTIONAL)
Our instructor will come to your location and  complete one-on-one training  providing the “hands-on” practical training on your equipment. Our instructors will provide constructive feedback and relate the training to job requirements. Upon completion you will receive a detailed training summary as well as certificate of completion