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Gravel Road School

Money for infrastructure maintenance has become a scarce commodity in recent years. Therefore, doing more with less is the new method of operation.  Nowadays it is vital that our operators are as highly trained and knowledgeable as possible; they are our front line resources who are positioned to turn a bad situation into a good one as long as they have been provided with the proper tools and knowledge.  But it is not just the operators who must be up-to-date, it is also the supervisors and their bosses.

A properly maintained gravel road is a positive reflection on the entire organization and attaining this with fewer resources shows tax payers that their money is well managed – but this can only be accomplished with comprehensive, on-going training at all levels within the organization.


Dust management techniques and their importance in your municipality


Quality shoulder maintenance recommendations applicable to your organization   


Quality roads must be built upon a quality foundation / Maintaining roads goes beyond the road itself


Erosion management that will stand the test of time


Don’t let nature dictate the quality of your roads


Road issues tend to start small; don’t ignore the signs


Managing drainage efficiently could be the most important step to maintaining quality roads


A properly maintained gravel road is a positive reflection of your organization and efficient gravel road maintenance preserves assets while protecting road users. Maintaining gravel roads with fewer resources can only be accomplished with comprehensive training at all levels within the organization