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Front Line Management

With my many years of experience as a supervisor, I’ve had the opportunity to observe how some of my peers weather the occasional storm in their organization while others seem to struggle on a continuous basis.

Those who have ongoing difficulty with employees are not typically struggling as a result of their own mistakes – they just don’t have the right tools in their toolbox.  When faced with staff who negatively impact the overall work or morale of your team, how do you respond?  How do you motivate staff so that they’re empowered and want to do a good job?  What tasks should you be delegating, and how?  We all want to be good supervisors and inspire our staff, but to do so it is crucial that we take the time to equip ourselves with a practical understanding of how to act as leader rather than just a boss. In an informal atmosphere we will discuss how to equip yourself with the right tools to become a better leader.

  • What is management?
  • How to Be An Effective front line Supervisor
  •    Supervisor Styles
  •    KeyTraits of a Front Line Supervisor
  •          Roles & Responsibilities of Supervisors
    •    Human Resources Legislation
    •    Basic Rights of the Worker
    •    Hazard Assessment
  •          Communication
    •    Motivating Staff
  •          Unionized Work Environment
    •    Progressive Discipline
    •    Documentation