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It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that all employees are fully trained on the potential dangers associated with the materials they may be working with or exposed to.  They must also take all of the necessary steps to ensure that the worker knows how to protect themselves. It sounds easy, and it is with proper training!

Who Should Attend

The Hazardous Materials Information System, known as WHMIS, came into effect in Ontario in 1988. It sets out certain duties and obligations for suppliers, employers and workers on the safe use, storage, disposal and transportation of all hazardous materials being used in the workplace. Under WHMIS Regulations, employers are obligated to educate all their workers on the potential dangers involved with these hazardous products and train them on the necessary steps they should take to protect themselves. Acute or chronic exposure to some chemicals can cause a long-term occupational illness or even death.

Classroom Topics of Discussion

  • An introduction to WHMIS
  • Understanding the Supplier’s role
  • Learn the Employer’s obligations under WHMIS
  • Learn what your duties as a Worker are under WHMIS
  • Learn how to store and transport hazardous materials safely
  • Learn how to protect yourself and your environment
  • Learn the role the Ministry of Labour plays under the WHMIS Legislation
  • Learn how to develop an effective in-house WHMIS program
  • An introduction to the Material Safety Data Sheet System (MSDS)
  • Learn how to maintain an MSDS System

Documentation Provided

Certificate of Completion