Surface Miner Common Core Training

Training meets the legislated training requirements of the three basic common core modules of the Surface Miner program.

The Surface Miner Common Core training meets the legislated training requirements of the three basic common core modules of the Surface Miner program.  These first three modules are mandatory for workers involved in surface mining operations.  All participating employers must have a MTCU designated Signing Authority.

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Live Webinar

September 27th, 2021

Join Us For This LIVE Training Program Temporarily Available in a Webinar Format

This training is temporarily available in a live webinar format as well as on-site in order to accommodate Covid-19 precautions/restrictions.  Following the completion of the live webinar, signatures for successfully completed training objectives in each student’s training standard book will be arranged by mail.  Please inquire if interested in future webinar sessions, or to arrange this training at your location.

You’ll Learn…

This training covers the following modules as per the training standards provided by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Program #770210:
U5030 – Work Safely in the Job Environment
U5031 – Perform General Lock Out and Tag on Prime Movers and Other Related Equipment
U5032 – Operate Hand and Power Tools
  • Training and/or evaluations for most specialty (equipment) modules is also available for those who have completed the basic modules.  Please inquire for further details.
    Note: Training under the Municipal Pit and Quarry Workers Common Core program (Program #500100) can also be completed as necessary covering the following modules:
    U6320 – Work Safely in the Municipal pit and quarry Environment
    U6321 – Lock Out and Tag Mobile or Portable Equipment and Stored Energy
    U6322 – Operate Hand Tools