Training Available

Construction Propane Handling

The push is always on to get the job done now, unfortunately Mother Nature does not always cooperate. But thanks to portable industrial heaters the climate can be adjusted and projects kept on track. That is all fine and well until there is a problem with one of the heaters. Then you incur a huge setback; one which could have been avoided if only your staff had been properly schooled in all aspects of propane handling.

Onsite Training Options

Please contact us if you are interested in onsite training for your team. We will provide you with customized quote to meet your needs.

Despite pressure to complete a job in a timely manner, Mother Nature is not always on our side. However, thanks to portable industrial heaters climate control is an option and projects can remain on-track. Typically, problems do not arise until there is a problem with any of the heaters. Educating your staff in all aspects of propane handling reduces the risk of injury and promotes efficiency.

Who Should Attend

This program has been developed for supervisors and individuals who, as part of their day-to-day activities, work with propane-powered appliances (up to 400,000 BTUH).

Classroom Topics of Discussion

  • The legislative requirements (Government Regulations, CSA Standards and Manufacturers’ Guidelines and Principles);
  • The duties and responsibilities of workplace stakeholders;
  • The characteristics of propane;
  • Propane handling and storage, and personal protective equipment requirements;
  • Emergency response to propane related injuries;
  • How to recognize propane hazards and deal with propane safely on worksites;
  • How to ignite and activate various propane appliances.

Practical, Hands-on Activities

To successfully pass this course, participants must demonstrate the following:

  • How to ignite and activate site-specific propane appliances;
  • How to manifold up to three (3) propane cylinders;
  • How to follow safe shutdown procedures on propane-powered site-specific appliances.

Documentation Provided

Student Book, Test, Operator Training Summary, Certificate of Completion