Training Available

Temporary/Seasonal Workers

Undoubtedly the largest group of temporary workers is the summer student. These young folks arrive on site eager and ready to go however they are lacking one key component and that is training. Anyone can push a lawnmower or hold a weed trimmer but can they safely and efficiently operate it? Temporary/ seasonal workers are one of the most neglected groups when it comes to receiving training. The argument often heard is they won’t be around that long so why waste the time or energy. The problem with that philosophy is that an accident only takes a split second to occur and can cause months of paperwork. The time required for proper training can take as little as a half day. So why take a chance? Train these employees just like you would a full-time one. Who knows, they may just become one in the long run.

Onsite Training Options

Please contact us if you are interested in onsite training for your team. We will provide you with customized quote to meet your needs.

Who Should Attend


Classroom Topics of Discussion


Practical, Hands-on Activities


Documentation Provided

Student Book, Test, Operator Training Summary, Certificate of Completion