Training Available

Roadside Mower

Generally this is a mower attachment that is pulled along behind a tractor and driven by the tractors PTO. However there are other variants that are sometimes used and the most common of these is the one attached to the primary unit of a sidewalk plow. Regardless of what type of machine is used, it is vital that the operator be fully aware of the capabilities and limitations of their machine. The fact that it is often driven on the shoulders of roadways and along embankments demands an operators full attention at all times. A thorough training course that provides both theoretical and practical hands-on training is the best method for preparing an operator on this piece of equipment.

Onsite Training Options

Please contact us if you are interested in onsite training for your team. We will provide you with customized quote to meet your needs.

Who Should Attend

Any person responsible for operating a roadside mower.

Classroom (only)  Topics of Discussion

Approx. 4 hrs.

  • Keys to Professional Operation
  • Pre-Start Inspection
  • Safe Operation
  • Equipment Design & Function
  • Electrical System
  • Equipment Warning Devices
  • Controls Review
  • Stability and Centre of Gravity

Practical, Hands-on Activities

  • Pre-Start Inspection
  • Controls Review
  • Maneuvering Around Obstacles
  • Bucket Operation
  • Loading Trucks

Documentation Provided

Student Book, Test, Operator Training Summary, Certificate of Completion