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Operator Evaluations

Your capital assets are your most expensive budget items to replace so are you sure that your operators are running them at their peak efficiency? A good operator is one who provides maximum output with minimum stress on the equipment he is operating. This saves you down time and excessive maintenance costs while extending the life of the equipment. In order to determine if your existing staff, or even a potential new hire, are efficient operators it is prudent to have them tested by an independent, qualified instructor. This will provide you with the data you need to identify whether-or not you have the right person assigned to the right job as well as providing you with a list identifying training shortfalls within your department.

Onsite Training Options

Please contact us if you are interested in onsite training for your team. We will provide you with customized quote to meet your needs.

Benefits of Operator Evaluations

The benefits of having operator and/or supervisor evaluations conducted by professional instructors can have significant advantages to an organization.

  • An unbiased assessment of knowledge and skills from a third party
  • Confidence in the results of a structured approach
  • irrefutable scores that allows true comparison between employees
  • Quantifiable results to aid in decisions of employment or promotion
  • Custom and targeted training plans can be made from results of employee

Evaluation Overview

Practical Operator Evaluations Will:

  • Identify operators for training opportunities
  • Identify the accident rate/equipment abuse
  • Ensure a continual operations improvement plan
  • Meet your 'duty of care' obligations under Occupational Health & Safety Act Legislation
  • Can become a component in a Due Diligence Plan

The operator will be asked to complete a pre-trip inspection. The instructor will then evaluate operator on operational techniques. In order to ensure a smooth operation, the municipality must have all the equipment set-up and ready to go in a training area. Our instructor will then assign the operator a task in order to determine their effectiveness of completing said task as well as their capabilities of using the machine efficiently and effectively with no abuse.

Documentation Provided

Documentation will include a thorough evaluation form, covering pre-trip inspection, operation and safety techniques. The evaluation form is objective (using a scoring system) and would include a final score/percentage for each student.