Training Available

Motor Grader

A large, bulky piece of equipment the grader has continued to grow in size since its earliest conception. And as they have grown so too has their capabilities. Today’s machines are equipped to do a myriad of tasks but even the majority of the most experienced of operator’s cannot grasp its full potential without advanced training. Beginning from Day 1, in order to maximize the machines potential you must also maximize the operators training. There is no denying the two go hand-in-hand.

Onsite Training Options

Please contact us if you are interested in onsite training for your team. We will provide you with customized quote to meet your needs.

Who Should Attend

Any person responsible for operating a motor grader.

Classroom Topics of Discussion

Approx. 7 hrs.

  • How to Ditch (Ditching operations)
  • V-Ditch and Camber
  • Techniques
    • Proper Crowning Techniques
    • Drainage Techniques
    • Final Grading Techniques
    • Far Reach and High Banking Operations
    • Stripping Top Soil or Sod
  • How to Properly Maintain a Road

Practical, Hands-on Activities

  • Ditching Operations
  • Stripping
  • Crowning Operations
  • Techniques
    • Final Grading Techniques
    • Stripping Top Soil or Sod
    • Grading Techniques

Documentation Provided

Student Book, Test, Operator Training Summary, Certificate of Completion