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Bucket Truck

Bucket trucks are used primarily by Hydro crews, but are employed for other purposes by such groups as parks and forestry staff. Unfortunately most people who use these pieces of equipment do not realize the potential for tipping when operating on uneven ground or for running into things such as hydro lines or other overhead obstacles. They also forget that Fall Arrest training is mandatory for all operators. Thus it is vital that all staff who have a need to use this type of vehicle receive the proper training on it before climbing aboard. Who Should Attend Anyone who supervises or operates an Aerial Manlift, Scissor or Boom Elevated Work Platform on a construction site or in an industrial establishment. **Note** Participants interested in attending this safety training program are required to show proof of valid Fall Protection Training to complete the practical component of this course. Classroom Topics of Discussion The legislative requirements (Government Regulations, CSA Standards and Manufacturers’ Guidelines and Principles); The duties and responsibilities of workplace stakeholders; Pre-shift inspections; Safe operating procedures, including the travel, raising, lowering and rotating (if applicable) of elevating devices; Propane and battery handling techniques.

Onsite Training Options

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Practical, Hands-on Activities:

To successfully pass this course, participants must demonstrate the following

  • The capability to conduct a pre-shift inspection;
  • The ability to travel with, raise, lower and (if applicable) rotate an elevating device;
  • A knowledge of general operating procedures.

Documentation Provided

Certificate of Completion