Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Safety Program Overview
This 4 hour course is designed to train participants in their responsibilities under the law applicable to the safe handling,
storing and transporting the nine classes of dangerous goods. Participants are provided with an overview of the Dangerous Goods Act/Regulations and their application.Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Topics covered include:

•    Responsibilities of shipper, handler, carrier
•    Shipping names, UN documents
•    Safety marks, containers
•    Dealing with accidental releases/emergencies
•    Applicable regulations/schedules

Who Should Attend
Personnel administering, handling, storing, and transporting dangerous goods.

Learning Objectives
The successful completion of this course will enable you to:
•    Understand TDG responsibilities
•    Recognize shipping names, documents
•    Deal with accidental releases/emergencies

Materials Provided
Certificate of Training/walletcard, TDG handbook, Competency Check document, sample Dangerous Goods and Shipping Documents Lists, Special Provisions sample List.