Confined Space Training

Safety Program Overview

Our Awareness course features changes to the OHSA regulations including hazards, training, entry permits and PPE and rescue equipment and use…with the following specifics…"
This one day course covers what is a confined space, and the new regulations that apply.

Topics covered in detail include:
•    Changes to the OHSA regulations, including the definitions of a “Confined Space”
•    Hazards of a confined space, and assessment
•    Employer programs for confined space
•    Planning for confined space entry
•    Training and entry permits
•    PPE and rescue equipment

Who Should Attend
This is designed for all workers who may have to work in or around confined spaces and those in charge of workers entering confined space.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this program the participant will be able to:
•    Recognize confined spaces in the work place
•    Describe major hazards of confined spaces
•    Identify controls required for confined space entry