Yukon Mining Company Hit With OH&S Charges

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) officials in Yukon have slapped the Tagish Lake Gold Corporation with dozens of charges as a result of several inspections of the company’s Wheaton Valley property that were conducted last summer. That property lies about 80 kilometres south of Whitehorse.


OH&S officials claim that company supervisors violated numerous safety rules and even completely ignored stop work orders that were issued by inspectors. The inspections determined that much of the equipment at the site was unsafe and that workers were poorly trained.


In addition to the company itself, at least two mine supervisors, Bill Lewkoski and Michael Greasley, have also been charged with violations


In 2010, Tagish Lake Gold Corporation was taken over by a Chinese-owned company, called New Pacific Metals. Exploration and drilling work has focused around the old Skookum Gold mine which operated briefly in the mid-1980s.


A court date to answer to the safety violations is scheduled for September.

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